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AO Scan Suite Options

Vitals Scan

The Vital Scan mode of the device performs a complete scan of over 550 functions of the body and completes this scan in under 1 minute while producing the data to produces your clients with a 24 page detailed report to take home!

Comprehensive Scan

This Comprehensive Scan mode performs an even more detailed scans on over 130 organs, cell, bones and chromosomes throughout the body as it prepares for client an in depth graphical report.  Each of these scans only take between 12 and 20 seconds each. This mode also offers a comprehensive library of information that is constantly being up graded with more information on a regular basis.

Frequency Optimization

This function of the system evaluates every scan and determines what custom series of corrective frequencies get sent to the brain helping encourage the body to self correct issues that are not in the optimum range through a process known as Sympathetic Vibration.

 Assess Analysis

This Asses analyze a supplement, essential oil or Chinese herbs to determine if the supplement will be beneficial to the clients body then giving it a percentage of improvement, a percentage of stress to the body and an overall conclusion.  And the best thing, It can performs this function in under 5 seconds!


INNER-Voice technology uses the Sound Harmonizing techniques, which generates a balancing audio frequency derived from the voice spectrum excesses and weakness from an individuals, in simple words: It provides all the frequencies you need and diminishes those that are in excess. It is like hearing the ‘mirror’ of your voice.

The INNER-Voice program helps harmonizing everyday life by improving concentration, creativity and emotional intelligence. This powerful tool allows you to analyze 5-15 seconds of a clients voice to determine the emotional state that they’re in and generate a customs audio tone to help balance their emotional imbalances.


The Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter (S.E.F.I.) comes with a set of 12 programs that give you the ability to imprint frequencies into a target object such as a sugar pill, tincture, bracelet etc.

Single Rad

This program allows you to use Scalar Wave technologies developed by the great Nikola Tesla to convert a simple affirmation into a complex series of frequencies that can be broadcast directly to an individual anywhere in the world, much like the modern day cell phone signal can be delivered to any specific cellular device anywhere on the planet.

AO Body

This is an amazing tool that allows you to view and explore the entire body in a 3D environment.

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