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The Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter (S.E.F.I.) is a device designed to capture, amplify and imprint subtle energy frequencies and can either broadcast or imprint those frequencies into a target object like a sugar pill, tincture, bracelet, necklace, ring, etc.


The principle behind the S.E.F.I. is similar to making a homeopathic remedy. A homeopathic remedy has a trace amount of an herb added to a liquid, it is the shaken 10 or more times and then diluted 10 to 1. This new dilution goes through the same process 10 to 30 more times to form the finished product.

The finished product has been diluted to the point that the herb can no longer be detected in the liquid, but energy of the herb is transferred to the liquid. This finished homeopathic is often more powerful and effective that the original herb.


The S.E.F.I. produces an energetic prpearation not by dilution but through creating a series of Zero Point Bursts (ZPB) of energy. Thousands of ZPB’s per second for up to 120 seconds.

Zero Point Energy

A Zero Point Burst (ZPB) is when 2 identical frequencies waves are played together with one of the frequencies at 180 degrees out of phase with the other one. When these 2 waves hit each other, they create what is called a Zero Point Burst and that produces a powerful burst of energy that is captured with the target.


The AO S.E.F.I. is one of the most sophisticated and powerful units of its kind.

The method of creating the Zero Point Bursts

  1. A frequency is either delivered in to the S.E.F.I. or is captured through its unique Copy Plate.
  2. The frequency is then amplified up to 100 times, and then it is duplicated in to two identical frequencies.
  3. The second identical frequency is then positioned 180 degrees out of phase with the first frequency.
  4. The two frequencies are then projected at each other for up to 120 seconds creating 1,000’s of ZPB’s per second.

The AO S.E.F.I. is further unique in that it projects these frequencies using 4 separate projection methods, simultaneously.

Light:  2 opposing banks of 30 high intensity LEDs.

Light:  2 opposing banks of 30 high intensity LEDs.



Conduction:  2 pair of opposing transducer coils


Reflection:  2 opposing reflective mirrors

The end result is quite possibly the most thorough and powerful Zero Point Energy imprint device available on the market today.

The AO S.E.F.I. can be used in conjunction with the AO Scanner or as a stand-alone frequency-imprinting device.

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