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AO Scan Lab

The AO Lab is an optional accessory exclusively for the AO Scanner. It replaces the clients Bone Transducing Headset in performing scans and allows a scan to be completed with a client’s Hair, Saliva and Urine.  The AO Lab is perfect for offices that focus more on providing a scan and report service for other practitioners and clients that do not live in close proximity to the office.

These kits are sent to the clients, where the client would fill out the form, select the tests they want performed, obtain the samples and then return the finished kit to the practitioner.  Once the kit is received, the client information would be entered in to the AO Scanner, the 3 samples would be loaded in to the AO Lab receptacles and then the selected tests would be performed and then emailed back to the client.

AO Lab Kits Include:

The client information form,

A bag for 3 hairs with a root attached,

A plastic specimen tube Saliva,

A plastic specimen tube for Urine, and return-shipping box.

How the AO Lab Works:

The Lab units connect to the AO Scanner where the Bone Transducing Headset would normally be connected.

Within the AO Lab unit are specially tuned induction coils positioned directly under each specimen receptacle. These coils are designed to pick up and amplify the frequencies in the Hair, Saliva and Urine provided by the client the same way Headset would if it were placed on the client. 

The amplification of the frequencies is accomplished via the movement of energized liquid that is constantly flowing beneath each coil and passing through a Sibin* filter and cooling system. The Sibin filter energizes the liquid with negative ION’s and Far Infrared energy.


*Sibin is a mineral compound found in the remnants of a meteor that struck China millions of years ago. This mineral naturally produces Negative ION’s and Far Infrared Energy and is not found anywhere else in the world.

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